Tips For Reducing Your Daily Stress & Emotional Eating

One of the key triggers to emotional eating is your daily stress. This can come from a variety of factors, some of which you may have never considered. If you are having an increased amount of stress, and notice and increased amount of emotional eating (aka binge eating anything that isn’t good for you), then you may want to work on reducing the core cause of the stressors in your life. Here are some tips for locating the source of your daily stress, reducing that stress at the core, and reducing the amount of emotional eating responses you are having.

Start a Routine

One of the key ways to reducing your daily stress and, in turn, reducing your emotional eating responses is to set up a routine. This doesn’t mean you have to schedule everything in your life down to the last second. Instead, look at starting a routine for the small aspects of your life and work up from there. For example, when you wake up do certain things that make your day easier before you leave the house aka stop procrastination in its tracks!

Make sure you throw in that load of laundry you always avoid later in the day that ends up piling up and causing stress. Getting your basic housework done sooner than later can help a lot, this way it is already done and the rest of the day is yours. Once you start getting into a routine in your morning and evening, you can span out to the point you have a daily routine that you are used to and stress triggers, like the laundry piling up, are reduced if not completely eliminated.

Technology Disconnect

Technology can be a huge stress trigger for many people, even you. You may not think it is, but look at a few examples. Your phone is set-up to notify you of upcoming events, appointments, and bills. You also have notifications of things going on with friends and co-workers social media accounts. It is a constant attachment that can sometimes lead you to stressing over bills, upcoming appointments, and drama in your friends lives.

To reduce the stress, disconnect from your technology for one hour or more day. Turn off your phone and leave it on a charger in another room. Spend sometime watching a movie on Netflix or playing a game with your family, disconnect yourself from the online world. You can even do something that is a 100% disconnect from technology, like reading a book, meditation or exercise. The stresses are reduced and something positive is replacing the spot.

Simplify Your Work

Your work schedule and routine can be a huge source of stress, especially if you are are a freelancer or in an administrative position. Take a few minutes to look over your schedule, planning, and client list. Remove the things you don’t need. Some of these things may be webinars that are unnecessary, clients that are overly demanding, and extra side freelancing positions that are just not worth the time and payout. Once these are removed, set-up a routine for what is left. The routine can be handled the same way as the routine for your daily life. Work on things that stress you at the end of the day first, then move through the day.

These methods will help you organize your daily life, work life, and emotional well-being to reduce overall stress. Once these areas are taken care of and sorted out, you will start to see a reduction in stress and a subsequent reduction in emotional eating.

Beyond these things, I like to keep healthy snacks available at all times, such as almonds, protein bars (my favourite- QUEST BARS), protein shakes, quick grab fruits, rice cakes, etc. I also incorporate deep breathing techniques when I start to feel stressed out, to help mellow me out and prevent any “comfort food” binge eating. 🙂


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