7 Ways To Stay On Track On Vacation….

It’s getting to be that time of year again! Everyone who lives some place less than tropical is getting fed up with the cold weather! Refreshing the travel websites daily to see where the best get away deals may be. If you’re anything like me, it won’t take you long to find one, but then what about all of your progress? Can you actually ENJOY a vacation without losing your progress? Surprisingly enough, yes you can. Just follow these 7 simple ways to stay on track and you’ll end up with the vacation you need without compromising the body you’ve been working on!

  1. Conquering the Airport  

    This is where it can fall apart right off the hop… we get to the airport, excited to be starting our vacation, we’re through check in’s, we make it through security and we’re on our way to our gate.. and realize we have time to kill before boarding. What do we usually do? Well, I for one, always go for a snack and a drink. It’s time to celebrate and kick the trip off on a good note right!! It’s not so much the snack and the drink.. it’s what the snack and the drink are. My tips here are to keep it clear and clean. My go to is usually some fruit and a mimosa, and I limit myself if I won’t be burning any calories working out on my travel day. I also grab 2 large 1 litre water bottles, a couple of protein bars and sometimes I’ll grab some almonds at the newsstand too!

  2. Stay Hydrated

    I can’t stress this enough!! Between the altitude change on the way over and easy dehydration that can occur simply from the travelling. This is the most important thing you can do for your body while travelling /vacationing. Not to mention if you are consuming alcoholic bevies, remember to match your water 1 for 1. So don’t forget your water jugs, and get your 3+ litres in every-damn-day!

  3. Keep It Fresh 

    Those buffets sure can be tempting.. as a foodie myself, I know how difficult it can be to keep walking past the pastry table. But if you do.. you won’t regret it! Pick the fresh fruits and veggies, stay away from the extra rich desserts, and heavy carbs! Especially if you are enjoying cocktails poolside. Use your daily calories wisely! Instead of getting a plate of nachos, get a veggie platter! Or instead of having a Miami Vice, have some nachos! Mix it up, but make an effort not to overload on drinks and unhealthy snacks!

  4. Get Moving  

    Even if you’re not the “out-doorsey” type, there is something for everyone on any vacation. Hit up the concierge or front desk and ask about any activities they offer or can link you up with. You’d be surprised at how many calories you can burn doing something as fun as zip lining, snorkelling or even horse back riding!

  5. Meditate 

    Is there honestly a better place to sit in silence with nature other than in a tropical environment? I can’t in good conscious write a blog about healthy travel habit without including some mindful meditation. Take some time for yourself, or even sit in silence on the beach with your partner.. close your eyes, listen to the ocean, clear your mind of all of the stress from back home. As silly as it sounds, this will actually help you enjoy your time away from your hectic life so much more.

  6. Try to Keep Some of Your Routine 

    When I vacation, I don’t stop working out. In fact, I usually do my research and find gyms in the area I’ll be staying (often looking for the ones with free week long trials). I know, this can’t be expected from everyone, but keeping part of your daily workout routine in tact when you travel is very beneficial. Whether it’s your morning stretching, ab workout or cardio. It certainly  doesn’t have to be the whole workout, but part of it will help you feel better about the extra calories you’re consuming, and help with the “return to reality” workout… which we all know is incredibly hard if you’ve bailed on your workouts for a couple weeks.

  7. Rest 

    Seriously, isn’t this why you booked a vacation? Get your Zzz’s in! Even though you can never “make up” the sleep you’ve lost over the years, you can let your body and your mind fully relax! Theres nothing I love more than afternoon naps in the sun (just don’t forget the sunscreen, sun damage is no joke!)

As an avid explorer of this beautiful planet, these are the tips and tricks that have helped me not blow my progress every time I go away. My commitment to myself and my well being is a top priority, and yours should be too. It doesn’t have to be complicated, or ruin your vacation, just like your real life, carve a little time out for yourself everyday. I promise you won’t regret it.

Happy Travelling,

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