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Online Training


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Accountability Equals Results!

Making your online experience as personal as it can get, without the expensive one on one personal training rates..

What you’ll get when you sign up;

Detailed Workouts (with exercise demonstration videos)

Supplement & Vitamin Suggestion Guide

Coaching Support with Weekly Progress Tracking

Full Access to Fitness Concierge App

Access to Private Online Community

Customized Monthly Meal Planning (included in price as of April 2018)

You’ve tried other programs, now it’s time to try something that works! Lets get started!



You make the decision to sign up.

You fill out an extensive online questionnaire so that I can get to know you and pinpoint your level of fitness.

Based on this information, I design your custom program and deliver it to you on my Fitness Concierge App – a fitness, nutrition and progress tracking app that will make you feel like your coach is with you through every workout. Every prescribed routine  will be supplemented with details about the exercise, modifications where applicable, and video demonstrations.

You will keep a daily record of your workouts, meals and anything else that is on your mind throughout this journey directly through my app.  As well as anytime you have a question, you can message me directly through the app with our special messaging system.

Beyond access to the app you will also have full access to my private online community resource group via Facebook for any additional support, motivation and healthy hacks.

Additional information

Coaching Level

1 Month- Online Training + VIP Support, 12 Months – Online Training + Elite VIP Status, 3 Months – Online Training + VIP Support, 6 Months- Online Training + VIP Support

8 reviews for Online Training

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    Tasha Doublett (verified owner)

    I have always been athletic growing up playing sports and also outdoors a lot! So my fitness has always been a very important part of my life. I had felt as though I kept hitting a plateau after a certain period of time with other fitness techniques, nothing seemed to be able to stick ,I would see no results and I would lose my motivation. So I decided to give Monique a shot and sign up for her online training program. The support from her was overwhelming and gave me the extra motivation I was looking for. By following my meal plan , combining that with the workouts and meeting small daily goals . I was able to lose body fat and gain muscle wich was my exact big end goal. Throughout the program I learned a lot about what I was putting into my body and the effect certain types of foods can have. I was able to change ,my eating routine by counting macros and having meals and snacks more frequently, drinking more water and overall being consistent with my program.

    Monique’s online program has become a part of my daily/weekly routine I started with her October 2017 and plan to continue as and I have developed way more confidence then I ever imagined and that I am grateful for.

    Thanks Mon!

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    “As a Master Trainer with nearly a decade of experience, my job is to help give you the edge. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, prepare for a competition, reboot your image or return to the workforce after having kids, I want you to walk proudly on your stage and conquer your vulnerability with confidence and strength. I commit to helping you achieve the best version of your physical and psychological self, but what I PROMISE is to help you raise your mental game to an incomprehensible level by re-wiring your state of mind through coaching, focus, reflection and gratitude.”

    Said it there herself, Monique did JUST that for me a year and a half ago. I was going through a hard time mentally & physically and she was able to help me gain my confidence back as well as steer me into the direction of the healthiest, fittest & most balanced lifestyle I’ve had for myself yet. Since then Monique has kept in contact with me, always checking on me and making sure everything is still working out in my favor, for that I highly recommend using her services. Throughout my fitness journey with her (Bikini Bliss Challenge) & winner of 3 month online training I was able to form so many new habits that I’m able to utilize in my day to day activities even aside from the gym.

    Monique is very down to earth but will hold you accountable for your actions. Let that be poor dieting, choosing to have a few to many cocktails or not meeting your weekly gym goals, she will make sure you know she is there to help but at the end of the day you are who’s in charge of your own results. So if you’re looking to regain your confidence, boost your self esteem, have someone holding you accountable or even teaching you all there is to know about health&fitness then MKH Fitness is for YOU.

    Thank You Monique,


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    Aliki Chrysiliou

    When I first started my training program with Monique I must admit I didn’t really hold up to much hope that I was actually going to get any results. I didn’t see how me being in the UK and her in Canada would work. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. We may not be in the same country but I always feel like she is there for me. Never did I think I could be so motivated and stick to the training program Monique set for me. I’m three months in and love the results I am seeing. I still have a way to go to get where I want to be but I know that with Monique on my side I will get there. And what I love the most is that I do all my workouts at home as she has created a program that fits with all the equipment I have. This means I can train whenever I want which makes life so much easier and leaves me with no excuses to miss a days training. I highly recommend Monique to anyone who is serious about making a positive change and wants real results. Monique thank you so much

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    I owe Monique the world. I have downloaded all the apps, read all the keto books and even bought the dvd’s and I still was able to lose weight.
    She made a program that I actually enjoyed, and wasn’t scaled to a level that i couldnt manage. Thanks to her my weight dropped almost immediately. I lost 10lbs in 3 weeks.

    As she always says: Always sore, never boring.

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    Casey Onucki (verified owner)

    I started with Monique a year ago and it’s changed my life. I was at a pretty low point when I met Monique. I was close to the heaviest I had ever been and was desperate to try to get back the person I used to be. I was working on losing weight on my own and wanted to get back in the gym. I had always loved lifting but I had gotten to a point that I couldn’t walk into a gym anymore. I was uncomfortable in my own skin. From the very first phone call I knew this girl was meant to be a part of my journey. We instantly had a connection and I felt like she gave me the courage to step back in the gym. We started off slowly building confidence and every time I walked in the door I felt like she was there with me. A year later and I’m in the gym at least 5 days a week lifting heavier than I have in years. I have confidence when I walk in there now and I still feel like she’s there with me every time. I would not be where I am today without Monique. If you are looking for someone who is caring, compassionate, and will be your biggest cheerleader then this is your girl. I know I’ll be a client for life because I couldn’t imagine doing this without her. Thank you Mon

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    Monique is not only an amazing beautiful person but she’s so qualified and absolutely amazing at what she does !! She makes it so convenient and affordable for having an online coach , I can’t say enough amazing things about her !! I’m so grateful I signed up with her and she really makes it work for my busy shift working lifestyle !!!

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    I’ve been with coach mon for about a year and a half, off and on. If can safely say I feel so much better when I’m following her programs. Goals are set during conversations between her, and then we crush them. She’s pushed me in ways I’m not able to on my own. We work together to make the programs realistic yet effective. Her words are encouraging when I’m feeling down about my progress or commitment, and she’s always been in close contact about any modifications or adjustments I need to make in my program. She’s truly a knowledgeable asset to anyone looking to improve themselves. ❤️

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    Clint D Baldwin

    I highly recommended working with Monique. I found her through a friend and reluctantly made the jump to get a trainer. I was nervous about getting trained by a women, and wasn’t sure how much interaction we would have being just an online trainer. I was pleasantly surprised that she was very knowledgeable about getting the right workout and eating plan for me. She was always there for my questions and and gave me motivation on my lowest of days. If you are looking to improve the way you look and feel she is a great trainer to help you out!

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