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Getting Professional Fitness Advice Online Around the World

Is it possible to transform your body, when your coach is in another city? Across the country or in another country?

With my customized and interactive online training it truly is!

It is important to understand that hiring a trainer is not about somebody standing in front of you to count backwards from 10; it is about the careful planning of fitness and nutrition through analysis of your goals, as well as your physical and mental baseline. Working out with a trainer can either be an incredible and fun experience, or the equivalent of paying for a workout buddy. There are hundreds of thousands of online training and workout programs available at various price points. None of these offer the same experience as hiring me as your dedicated coach.

I have digitized the entire fitness transformation journey into an integrated online experience that sets you up for success at every stage.

Here’s how it works

You make the decision to sign up.

You fill out an extensive online questionnaire so that I can get to know you and pinpoint your level of fitness.

Based on this information, I design your program and deliver it to you on my Fitness Concierge app – a fitness, nutrition and progress tracking app that will make you feel like your coach is with you through every workout. Every prescribed routine will be supplemented with details about the exercise, modifications where applicable, and video demonstrations.

You will keep a daily record of your workouts, meals and anything else that is on your mind throughout this journey.

Each day that you log into your journal, there will be a message from me offering my community of client’s lifestyle, fitness and nutrition insights that will be beneficial to your journey. Anytime you have a question you can message me directly through the app with our special messaging system.

Beyond access to the app, you will also have full access to my private online community resource group via Facebook.

These Resources Will Allow You to:

  • Access to your workouts and meal plan from anywhere
  • Keep track of your progress by updating your own stats
  • Schedule your assigned workouts using the in-app calendar
  • Full accessibility to your coach using the in-app messenger system
  • Ability to post daily gratitudes (group)
  • Post accountability posts or photos (group)
  • Develop relationships with like-minded individuals (group)
  • Participate in Monique’s Monthly Client Challenges & WIN Prizes! (group)
  • Have access to group knowledge drops and information sharing sessions (group)

My online training is powered with a technology that triples the touch points and (if utilized) improves your probability of success by over 1/3.I’m sure you’ve tried other programs. It’s time to try something different. Lets get started!

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