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Health & Nutrition Advice in Kelowna

Proper nutrition not only enhances your ability to train effectively, but is the key component to achieving your end goals. Eating the right foods is a large part of reaching your goals, which makes meal planning so important. After a comprehensive consultation during which we discuss your goals, dietary sensitivities and preferences, I break down your day’s nutrition into mandatory minimum/maximum macro and supplement quotas. This information is used to create a personalized plan that will lay the groundwork for your success!

Planning for Nutrition Success With Meal Planning

When it comes to nutrition, I believe in keeping an open-mind. My coaching technique is not pigeon-holed into just one method, because I understand that while some clients prefer to work with strict meal plans, others are able to handle the macro counting. Every client is different, which is why each meal plan is carefully customized to suit your individual preferences and lifestyle. I want to ensure that you have EVERY ADVANTAGE POSSIBLE to reaching your goals.

Please see my Customized Online Training programs to choose what program best suits your needs.

Note that as of January 2020 I will no longer be providing individual meal plans without conjunction of a training program. 

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