Mixology: Healthy Christmas Cocktails

When you’ve been working hard all year into the holidays, youíre probably ready to have some time to relax and appreciate time with family and friends. If youíre planning to have a cocktail, you could easily grab a bottle of something premade that comes from the shelf, but you know that those pre-made drinks are usually very high in sugars. If you had a healthier option, would you give it a try? Take a look at these healthier versions of your favorite Christmas cocktails.

Rosemary Gin Spritz

Simplicity is one way to make it easy to have a healthier drink. Clear alcohol with some lighter mixers helps keep the calories down and can often make digestion easier. Just be sure to read the labels. This drink is made by mixing 1 shot of gin with an ounce of lemon juice, 3 ounces of carbonated water, and 1 teaspoon of honey or 1 packet of stevia. Garnish it with 2 – 3 pieces of rosemary, and you’ll have a nice drink that you can sip on over the holidays.

White Sangria

Sangria is a favorite for all sorts of functions and get togethers. It is usually made with a red wine and fruit chunks, but is there a way for this classic drink to get healthier than that? Well, yes it can! This sangria recipe will definitely raise some eyebrows and impress some guests. This drink comes out best when it’s made in a large quantity so grab a punch bowl! Slice up 1 apple, and 1 pear into matchsticks or thinner cutlets. Place them in the punch bowl and pour in 2 bottle of sauvignon blanc, 2 cups of frozen mango or pineapple cubes, 3 clementines, and about 1.5 cups of organic vodka. Let it sit for the night, then stir it up and serve.


I pride myself on being a pretty open minded coach, so I know that its pretty unreasonable to expect all of my clients to “just say no”, during the holiday season. One thing I practice myself and encourage all of my clients to do is follow the 1:1 rule of drinking. Make sure that you have 1 full glass of water per 1 alcoholic beverage. One thing this prevents is dehydration, which is a big factor in how bad of a hangover you will end up with the next day.

Although I believe that if your long term goal is weight loss or strength building related, you should definitely be limiting your alcohol consumption to 2 glasses per week. You can sign up for my Healthy Hacks Newsletter (HERE) and gain access to all of my holiday hacks!

Happy Holidays!

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