Find Your Path to a New, Fit Lifestyle

There are two types of people in this world. People who train themselves and people who leverage the expertise of a coach. Everyone should read these fitness guides. Enhance You, Elevate You and Elite You are the three phases of my documented journey, re-mastered and augmented with hundreds of years of experience, tips and hacks from the industry’s top authorities from the lens of your new transformation partner (me!) Reading these books, whether you need a coach or not, will provide you with a baseline of knowledge that will guide your training and goal setting for years to come!

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Enhance You

This fitness guide provides an introduction to a healthy lifestyle. Enhance You is aimed at individuals who are beginning their fitness journey and are looking for guidance and moral support. This book includes easy to understand workouts and a variety of tips to help you achieve your goals. This book also includes a 10 week diet and fitness regime to help you change your body and your life.

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Elevate You

This fitness guide is the perfect guide for the intermediate fitness enthusiast. If your fitness regime has hit a plateau then Elevate You could offer you the motivation you need to challenge yourself. This book includes 8 weeks of challenging workouts to get you sweating. Take yourself to the next level of your fitness training with Elevate You.

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Elite You

This fitness guide is not for the weak of will or the faint of heart. This book includes workouts designed to build strength and stamina and includes a grocery shopping list and a supplement list. Add some oomph to your workouts with Elite You.