My Quick and Dirty Back & Biceps Workout

When I first started training in the gym, I had no idea what I was doing…

Yet I did it anyways..because I knew that doing something, was better than continuing to do nothing. I did however wish that I had someone guiding me, instead of just winging it and praying that my wifi connected at the gym so I could follow along with youtube videos.

When I became a personal trainer I always remembered those beginner days…

If I could help it, none of my new to fitness clients would ever feel that way, I wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable. If by chance they weren’t, I would scout their gyms and create their programs based on the placement of the equipment. You know, making sure they weren’t running around all over the place, unnecessarily. ūüėČ

Unfortunately I can’t do that being an online trainer now, but I can provide you with a very challenging yet beginner workout for training back & biceps. Check it out below!

Back & Biceps Workout- Check it out here >

  • Warm up with 15 minutes of steady state cardio (heart rate range around 140 bpm)
  • 3×12 Wide Grip Lateral Pull Downs super set with 3×15 Seated Rows
  • 4×10 Dumbbell Deadlifts super set with 4×10 (per arm) Dumbbell Curls
  • 5×8 Bent Over Under Handed Cable Rows super set with 5×8 Cable Curls
  • AMRAP (as many reps as possible) Assisted or Non Assisted Pull Ups


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