Aloha Vibes – When Fitness meets Fashion and Passion

I’m going to be completely transparent here… when Instagram shifted to support marketplaces, I took notice. It actually completely changed the way I shopped. Instead of going to websites and scouring for the latest fitness fashion for hours… loading a cart and abandoning it. I would instead scour IG clothing pages and see what their models (closest to my body type) looked like with the threads on.

It became almost TOO EASY… to spend my hard earned money on clothes.





Wait at the mailbox… Repeat.

Eventually it of course became a problem for me, so much that my own mother said to me once ” you know, they have meetings for shopaholics”…. clearly implying that I had developed some kind of addiction… GASP! So I promised myself to be more mindful, and limited myself, gave myself a budget… completely deleted the Lululemon app from my phone and unfollowed the #fitnesswear hashtags on IG.

It did work, I crushed that bad (and expensive) habit, and all was well in my world of black tights and black sports bras.

Then one day a Hawaii based fitness company reached out to me- Aloha Vibes Collective. They inquired if I would be interested in helping them create + design a matching workout set… now something not a lot of people know, is that after I had moved to Canada (from Hawaii) I had started applying to design schools in California, it even went as far as me getting accepted into one. Unfortunately, I never did end up going (cue oil and gas industry instead) but the “passion for fashion” was always still in there. Long story short, I said HELL YEAH and we got to work. Not long after I sent in my designs, they had the set created and sent up to me for review.

It turned out SO GOOD!!! So good in fact that proudly rocked it for a photoshoot I did in Arizona this fall, and when they threw it up on their website for sale and named it ” Pineapple Passion”  my heart seriously melted.

Ready for the very best part of this entire story??

When they approached me, they not only offered to let me design a set, but also provide me with partial profits from each sale. Now, if you know me… you know I’m definitely a bleeding heart for animals. So I asked them if they would donate my commissions to the Hawaiian Humane Society on my behalf. If for no other reason than, I love Animals… and I love Hawaii. So naturally, this makes total sense.

If this story doesn’t kick so much ass and warm your heart, I honestly don’t know what will… so here’s the link: to purchase my set and donate $10.00 to an animal shelter that has provided for abandoned animals since I was child. You can learn more about the Hawaiian Humane Society here

Much Love & Aloha,

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